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Bio-Life Air Cleanse

Bio-Life Air Cleanse

Bio-life Air Cleanse
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The Allergy Friendly Product Award The Allergy Friendly Product Award

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Air Cleanse is an Allergy UK Consumer Care award winning trigger spray. It is made with Eucalyptus and Ylang Ylang and has been designed to reduce the airborne allergen load. It particularly targets pollen & pet spores (by at least 65% and up to 85% when used with Petal Cleanse).

The propellant is nitrogen, the inert gas that makes up 78% of the earth's normal atmosphere. Eucalyptus and Peruvian balsam aids breathing making this product ideal for hay fever and asthma sufferers.

During the winter months a spray once per week is sufficient to keep pet allergens to a low.  Daily use is recommended throughout the pollen season.

Not tested on animals. 

Air Cleanse is part of an Allergy UK approved range of allergy preventatives. Bio-Life International Ltd have specifically developed this exciting range of new product to protect against allergic reactions to dust mites, pets, moulds and pollen.

All Bio-Life products have been awarded Allergy UK's Allergy Friendly Product Award.

Nitrogen*, Aqua, Ethyl alcohol, PPG-26 Buteth 26, PEG-40 Hydrogenated caster oil, Eucalyptus globulus leaf oil, Quaternium-26, Quaternium-22, Cananga odorata.

*Natural gas that makes up 78% of normal air.

5 Average Rating 5/5 (19 reviews)
5 stars Smells nice! Written by

I cant say if this works or not as i have no allergies its my partner that is allergic to the new kitten i got! I bought this along with the petal cleanse and he felt relief immediately. I think its the petal cleanse that is doing the job but this will obviously help. It does smell lovely and it lingers better than air freshner so worth it for that alone!!

5 stars Worked straight away Written by

Awesome stuff, does the job well.

4 stars Good Written by

I've just started using this product, so far felt a difference with my allergies. I usually spray and go out due to the smell of the product then Hoover when I get back.

5 stars Best product ever Written by

Just works wonders for our family!

5 stars I love this Written by

I love this product. I have no allergies and I buy it from when my son visits (he is allergic to our cats). He was much less reactive this visit than last time when I'd run out and I just love the smell and the way the air feels fresher somehow.

5 stars It actually works Written by

When you buy things from the internet without a recommendation you can never be sure how good something might be. I'm delighted that having suffered with asthmatic symptoms from two new kittens they have so greatly improved since I started using this along with the Petal Cleanse. It took a few weeks to take affect but it is so worth the wait. Thank you.

5 stars The only thing hat works for us! Written by

We have a lovely british blue cat and are both allergic. Thanks to cleaning her coat with Petal Cleanse and using Air Cleanse at the same time our symptoms have diminished significantly. I'm actually managing without antihistamines and my husband only takes one very occasionally.

5 stars Bio-Life Air Cleanse Written by

Bought this product in conjunction with the Petal Cleanse as my husband had a severe reaction to the 5 kittens we had recently rescued. Within 2 weeks of using both products he is just fine - they work that quick - would highly recommend them!

5 stars it works Written by

I was sceptical, but it worked!!! my boyfriend finally stopped sneezing. And I can feel the air inside the house is cleaner now. Thank you!

5 stars Cleaner Air Written by

Tihs seems to work so far, the first time I used it my husband walked through the front dorr without sneezing for 5 mins!

5 stars Bio life air cleanse does it work ?? Written by

Maybe it's all in my head but this stuff really seems to work! It definitely feels like your breathing cleaner air. This product arrived a week after my two cats during a particularly pollen heavy week, and I can honestly say my symptoms disappeared after the first use. Brilliant will keep using this without a doubt

5 stars A very good product Written by

Does exactly what it says on the bottle.

5 stars I would not be without this product! Written by

This is the only product that really works against dustmite allergies. I can feel when I begin to require another spray which is about twice a week. Thank goodness for Bio-life!

5 stars Excellent product. Written by
Does what it says on the tin. Used prior to visits from friend who is allergic to cats, and it seems to work a treat.
5 stars Bio Life Air Cleanse Written by
I felt that the air in the two rooms I sprayed was less irritant, my dust mite allergy seemed to be getting worse so I invested in several products and I think this has had most effect.
3 stars It's ok but don't expect it to have a scented candle effect Written by

I use it only when we are about to leave the house because it smells quite bad. I am using everything anti allergy so I am sneezing much less but I can't tell which product makes the difference.

5 stars Great Relief for Asthma Written by
I bought this product to help reduce the allergens that aggrevate my husbands asthma as we have two westie puppies. The product is amazing and has made such a difference it really works. I also bought the Bio-life home cleanse to spray on the carpets and soft furnishings, this also is really good and after use not only is it reducing asthma symptoms but also leaves a very pleasant fresh smell. Well worth the money and the service from Allersafe was also first class. A very satisfied customer.
5 stars Brilliant...just what we needed Written by

I bought this product as my partner has multiple allergies (dust, pollen, pets etc), and we had a minor mould problem that was setting off his symptoms (and causing him to snore!). I must admit I was a bit sceptical about what difference a simple spray could really do, but thought there was no harm in trying. After the first day of using it he was much better. After using it for 2 weeks he is now pretty much symptom-free and his snoring has stopped (yipee!). I've been using it every day so far just to be on the safe side, but am going to start cutting it down to see how often it is needed. Really great product, highly recommended.

5 stars Remarkable Products Written by
I have purchased Bio-Life petal cleanse, Air cleanse and Home cleanse - these products are remarkable. My husband suffers quite badly from an allergy to our two cats and by using a combination of these products on the cats and our home we are all able to live together. So we are extremely grateful, the cats especially as the alternative was a rather cold kennel outside! Thank you Allersafe!

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The air cleanse and homecleanse seem to have the exact same ingredients, does that mean the air cleanse would do the same job on furnishings?

Bio-Life do not recommend that the air cleanse is used on furnishings.

Hi I bought this and the home cleanse but am now confused as to how they are used...I thought the home cleanse was to use on soft furnishings , carpets etc and this was to use as a spray in the air for example maybe once you have puffed up cushions on a sofa to get rid of any particles in the air...I now see that this one says you also use on carpets etc and you have to vacuum after why are they both for furnishings etc and why do you have to vacuum after them both...thanks

The vacuuming is recommended after spraying to lift the dust mites etc after they have been effected by the spray.

The Bio-Life Air Cleanse is an aerosol that reduces the airborne allergen load, especially pollen, pet and mold spores.

If you are are looking for something to spray directly on to furnishings, your best bet would be the homecleanse.

Hi. This may sound like a stupid question but.....I have just bought some AirCleanse to help prevent my allergy to cats, but it's unclear on the instructions whether it is an air spray( like an air freshener), or if I should spray it on to items in the room like the sofa, cat bedding, floor etc. I have also bought the lotion to put on the cat itself. Any advice gratefully received, thanks.

The AirCleanse is an air spray which is sprayed into the air at 1 squirt per 5 cubic meters.

Perhaps our HomeCleanse may be of interest to you. This product is sprayed onto your soft furnishings, fabrics and pet bedding.

Are the anti allergen sprays safe to use around babies and during pregnancy? Thanks

We have been in contact with Bio-Life with regards to your query and they responded with the following:

The Anti Allergen sprays are safe to use around babies and whilst pregnant.  The ingredients have been approved by the National Federation of Allergies and Allergy UK.

The product is as chemical friendly as they can make it including no alcohol and no chemical propellent, containing only Natural Essential Oils.

I've read that eucalyptus oil kills dust mites, but how does this spray it get rid of pet-related allergens and pollen? Thanks

The Bio-Life HomeCare range encapsulate & neutralise the dustmite, pet & pollen allergens that cause allergic reactions in humans & pets.

AirCleanse is an aerosol that reduces the airborne allergen load especially pollen, pet & mold spores. The propellant is nitrogen, the inert gas that makes up 78% of the earth’s normal atmosphere.

I am multiple chemical sensitive, although aircleanse may neutralise allergens that cause my reactions (Cluster Headaches) I fear the ingredients of this product may be detrimental to my sensitivity, is this likely?

We have been in contact with Bio-Life with regards to your query and they responded with the following:

"The ingredients in AirCleanse are unlikely to cause a reaction in chemically sensitive people unless they are one of the <1% that react to Eucalyptus essential oil. The product is as chemical friendly as we can make it including no alcohol and no chemical propellent."

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