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Bio-Life Petal Cleanse Cat Cleanser

Bio-Life Petal Cleanse Cat Cleanser

Bio- Life Petal Cleanse/ C
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The Allergy Friendly Product Award The Allergy Friendly Product Award

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Any animal with fur or feathers can cause a reaction. This is caused by peoples' sensitivity to potent allergen Fel D1 that is prevalent is cats, Can F1 in dogs and the microfiber dander, saliva and urine from all small animals. Constant bathing of pets can dry out their coats and cause stress to all concerned.

Ideal for allergies to pets or for those showing symptoms of a pet allergy, Petal Cleanse Cat is a surfactant based solution that removes from the coats of small animals the allergens and dander that cause allergic reactions in humans.  Petal Cleanse Cat is suitable for cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and any furry small animals.

Petal Cleanse has been independently tested in the UK and throughout Europe, and has been found to be safe, effective and easy to use.

All Bio-Life products have been awarded Allergy UK's Allergy Friendly Product Award.

The solution consists of a delicate balance of cleansers and moisturisers. The cleaners remove the dander and the moisturisers condition the coat and skin to further reduce the amount of material shed. Also the solution contains Rosemary & Limeflower extracts which conditions the coat.

Aqua, Quaternium-26, Glycerin, Quaternium-22, Panthenol, Aloe barbarensis, Stearyltrimonium hydroxyethyl hydrolyzed collagen, Tilia cordata, Rosmarinus officinalis, Hydrolyzed collagen, Allantoin, Phenoxyethanol, Methyldibromo glutaranile.

5 Average Rating 5/5 (19 reviews)
5 stars Petal Cleanse Written by

Love cats but am allergic. This is a vital part of my routine to enable me to keep them!

5 stars Seems to be working! Written by

We got a cat and both my son and I were showing signs of being allergic to it. We started using this product 3 days later (it arrived amazingly quickly!) and since then both of us have seemed fine with the cat. It could just be that we acclimatised to the cat, and that's why our allergies have gone, but it also looks as if this product could work. I'm definitely going to keep on using it.

5 stars Magic! Written by

This works. I was gutted thinking i was going to have to rehome my cutie little kitten that i loved from the minute we got her. Have been using this for 2 weeks and my partner has no symptoms (allergic to some cats and has asthma). He can pick Kitty up and fuss her with no problems now. It seem expensive but you only need a few drops, im using every other day and Kitty doesnt mind at all.

3 stars Great product and service Written by

Product came very quickly and is the cheapest online. HIghly recommended

5 stars Life changing product Written by

I am 44, and since I was about ten I have suffered immense allergies to cats and dogs. I was unable to stay in the same room as one, let alone touch it. Woe betide me if said animal was black, as this was even worse. Suffice to say, I never owned a cat or dog, preferring to keep much loved guinea pigs. Recently, an abandoned red tabby arrived one Sunday morning and took it upon himself to stay. Despite using more antihistamines per day than I should, I was suffering big time. I was using eye drops, nasal spray the works. Why not get rid of kitty? Somehow I just couldn't. I took a crash course on kitty care, and having read The Cat Whisperer, Ms Bessant talked about Petal Cleanse. Hmmmm...... Nothing would alleviate my symptoms, I accepted that, but decided to order some anyhow. How wrong was I. After only the second Petal session with Elmo, I realised I could fuss and pet him like a normal person would. When he ran to greet me, I could stoop to stroke his lovely little face. I did his third Petal this weekend. I think nothing of picking him up fussing him rotten and am rapidly falling in love with this little bundle of fun. All I can say is Thank You to Petal Cleanse, you have enabled me to own a cat for the first time in my entire life. Even Elmo loves being Petaled, I dip my fingers in it and scrunch through his fur all over. This alone would be a normally impossible task. I love this stuff and Allersafe were totally fabulous with their service, from ordering delivery, which was exceptionally quick. Thank you, thank you!

5 stars Excellent Product Written by

This really helps with cat allergies and is amazing value for money. The service I received here was amazing with a swift delivery time and a competitive price. Thank you.

5 stars excellent product Written by

I'm not allergic to my cat anymore after using this for a month, great stuff!

4 stars Optimistic Written by

Product arrived quickly. My cat enjoys having it applied - I put a little in a bowl and dip my fingers then rub it directly through his fur so he just thinks it's an all-over body massage. No strong or chemical smell for him to react to, which has been a problem with other products. His fur feels great. Re. allergy resolution - I'm a 'difficult case' as I have a list of allergies, so my cat is just one factor in my breathing difficulties, but I do believe that my chronically blocked nose has been a little better since starting to use this product 2 weeks ago, and I'm optimistic that it will reduce my reaction to this particular allergen. All seems good but I can't give a 5 as it's hard for me to evaluate how much effect it's had on my cat allergy as others are able to.

5 stars An excellent product and service Written by

I have been using this product on my cats for 5 years and it always works and keeps my allergy at bay! It is also a nice way of conditioning your cat's fur. I got a fast and very professional service from this seller . I made a mistake in my order and rang them to correct it and they did so almost immediately and delivered it also very fast. I do recommend both, the seller and the product.

5 stars Great Product Written by

Great product, best price on the net & great service.

5 stars it worked for me Written by

I have used this for 2 weeks along with the room spray and all my symptoms-throat and ears and nose-have totally resolved. My little cat enjoyed having it applied. I was really anxious about my allergy incase it became worse and now it doesn't even cross my mind. Really happy cat owner x

5 stars This works Written by

This works. I have a cat allergy and we recently were given a beautiful kitten who I couldn't turn away. I bathe her weekly, and yes, she will put up with it, and my streaming eyes and sneezing are held in check. Still have to be sensible but this makes all the difference. Arrived quickly too.

5 stars Petal Cleanse Written by

I run a cat rescue and recently took in 5 kittens which my husband seemed to be particularly allergic too - he has pet allergies but on the whole he copes well but with this set of kittens he wasn't coping at all. I bought the petal cleanse along with the room spray and we are two weeks down the line and no more sneezing or allergic reaction. It works that quick! Would thoroughly recommend these products!

5 stars Petal Cleanse for cats Written by

This is a great product for cat owners who have an allergic reaction to their pet. Just wiping down the cat once a week with this on a cloth really works. It's a real boon.

5 stars Kitty Written by

I have recently started using Petal Cleanse and although I was told it can take a few weeks to start working I can feel a slight difference already, so hopefully in a couple my alergy to my cat will be a lot less.

5 stars Kitty Written by

I have recently started using Petal Cleanse and feel a little difference,although it says it can take a few weeks to start working,so I am very hopeful in another week or two I will feel the benefit of it.

5 stars In praise of Petal Cleanse Written by
This product is an absolute boon for cat lovers, like myself, who have developed an allergy to their pet. When this happened I began to suffer bouts of sneezing accompanied by streaming eyes and nose. I started to take allergy tablets but sometime the symptoms even overrode them. I scoured the internet and found out about Petal Cleanse. What a difference it's made. It's really simple to use, I just wipe my cat down once a week with it and my symptoms have disappeared. I'm absolutely delighted.
5 stars Petal Cleanse - Excellent Product Written by
Without Petal Cleanse I would not be able to be in the same room as my dog. I developed an allergy to dander not long after we got Holly as a puppy. She does cast a lot and for the past 3 years I have come to trust using this product especially during the winter months. I am grateful to the manufacturers for devising Petal Cleanse and would highly recommend it.
5 stars Remarkable Products Written by
I have purchased Bio-Life petal cleanse, Air cleanse and Home cleanse - these products are remarkable. My husband suffers quite badly from an allergy to our two cats and by using a combination of these products on the cats and our home we are all able to live together. So we are extremely grateful, the cats especially as the alternative was a rather cold kennel outside! Thank you Allersafe!

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Weve just got a cat and have used PetalCleanse once when he first arrived. Bit confused as to how often we should use Petal Cleanse - the instructions on the bottle say once a week but the answer to a previous question on this website said "Application should be once a week, every week during the winter months and once a day during the pollen season." Should we be using PetalCleanse more often than once a week in spring/summer? Also for the AirCleanse, the instructions say twice a week for the first 2 weeks, once a week thereafter but then this also says daily during the pollen season. We are using both of these products just for the cat and arent affected by pollen so how often should we be using them? thanks.


This would be the advice from Bio-Life directly on how often their product should be used, so we would recommend that too.

If you find that you are not using it as often as stated and it is still working, I do not see any reason to use it everyday if you are still feeling well using it once a week even in pollen season. Everyone reacts differently to their allergies so what may work for you may not work for others.

Dear Sirs I am thinking about getting this product as we have a house rabbit and my partner has asthma. Can it be used on rabbits and how is it applied? Is there anything else you would recommend? Many thanks Toni Miles

I can confirm that the Petal Cleanse C is suitable for use on Rabbits.

Brush or comb your pet to remove any dead hair.

Wipe your pet with a sponge or cloth moistened with the Petal Cleanse.

Towel dry.

How long does Petal Cleanse for cats generally take to have an effect? I have given my cats one treatment so far but can't say I have noticed an improvement. Thanks.

Application should be once a week, every week during the winter months and once a day during the pollen season.

A noticable improvement  should occur within 2 weeks to 1 month with regular use, depending on the severity of your allergies.

Are there any major differences between Petal Cleanse/D Lotion and Petal Cleanse/C Lotion. Can I use Petal Cleanse/D Lotion ( which is for dogs) for my cat or does the product do different things for cats then dogs? thank you

Petal Cleanse/D is formulated specifically for dogs and for people's sensitivity to the potent allergen Can F1 which is prevalent in dogs.  The potent allergen Fel D1 is prevalent in cats and Petal Cleanse/C is specially formulated for cats and any small furry animals. 

We recommend that you use Petal Cleanse/C for cats as it encapsulates the Fel D1 allergens on your cat and gently removes the dander and saliva that people can also be sensitive to.

Can it be used on kittens.

Bio-Life Petal Cleanse C is non-toxic and harmless to pets and is gentle enough to use on kittens and small baby animals such as rabbits, hamsters, mice and birds.

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