Allersafe Anti Allergy Duvet 10.5 Tog Premium
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Allersafe Anti Allergy Duvet 10.5 Tog Premium

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Allersafe Anti Allergy Duvet 10.5 Tog Premium

The Allersafe Premium Duvet is the ultimate luxury in allergy bedding. As part of the Allersafe Premium Range this anti allergy duvet combines allergy relief with luxurious bedroom comfort, no longer will dust mite allergy sufferers have to compromise on quality.

The sumptuously soft hollowfibre filling has been blended throughout with Amicor Pure Acrylic Fibre. This specially developed filling prevents the growth of dustmites within the duvet itself. The cassette construction ensures an even distribution of the filling and prevents cold spots developing.

The warmth of a duvet is measured in tog. The Allersafe Premium 10.5 Tog is for those with central heating or who share a bed. Also available in 4.5 Tog and 13.5 Tog.

Machine washable at 40°C and can be tumble dried on a low heat.

A duvet on its own will not provide you with complete protection from dust mites.  For peace of mind and a healthier sleeping environment we recommend protecting your entire bed with our pillows, mattress protectors and bed linen.

You may be eligible to claim VAT relief on this product.Allergy UK Seal of Approval

Amicor Pure fibre has been awarded Allergy UK's Seal of Approval.


Filling – 80% Hollowfibre, 20% Amicor Pure Acrylic Fibre

Cover - 100% Cotton

5 Average Rating 5/5 (15 reviews)
5 stars Excellent Written by

I was very pleased with this duvet- it is very light and drapes well despite being a winter-weight tog. Recommended.

5 stars Allersafe Anti Allergy Duvet Written by

Excellent, not sure what this is made of, not down or feathers obviously, feels different, able to sleep and breathe better.

5 stars Best purchase I've made! Written by

Having suffered with dust mite allergy and tried various medication, decided to invest in new mattress and bedding. The duvet is beautifully soft and feels so luxurious. Definitely recommend. No longer taking medication and the allergic symptoms i was suffering every morning have disappeared!

4 stars duvet Written by

The duvet is extremely comforting and warm. I have not yet noticed any improvements to my chronic sinusitis caused by an allergy to dust mites, however I have only had the duvet for one week.

5 stars Allersafe Premium 10.5 Tog Anti-Allergy Duvet Written by

Good quality. Light in weight but lovely and warm and comfortable. Filling keeps its shape well. Would definitely recommend.

5 stars Cosy, puffy duvet and I can sleep again. Written by

Before I got this i could not sleep for itchy eyes, mouth, blocked nose. I haven't suffered since getting this duvet. I don't know why I waited so long and its very comfortable too. I also got the pillows.

5 stars Duvet Written by

Light but warm, excellent quality. Would recommend. Arrived in its own sealable plastic bag - useful but split and a little dirty from the delivery van. Would have been useful to use again/ for storage.

5 stars the allersafe duvet was at first quite light feeling but so comfortable, almost silky soft, excellent quality and i have no problems with it, Written by

this will be very easy to clean unlike other duvets as it will fit into the washing machine, it has a lovely soft texture, and feels so fresh and clean, i love it

5 stars duvet delight Written by

The Allersafe Anti-Allergy premuim duvet is an absolute delight. I bought it for my daughter who has a dust-mite allegy and has had various anti-allergy bed products before. I thought it was time to get her some new stuff and bought this duvet. She said it gave her the best night's sleep she has had in years! The duvet has a wonderful light but cosy feel and has a lovely soft outer cover. Fabulous! Highly recommended...and a good price too!

3 stars very hot Written by
i bought this 10.5 tog for my son who has a dust mite allergy. it is a very heavy duvet and i think perhaps it was too high a tog rating because he really sweated in it. his hair was soaking wet by the morning. ofcourse it could have been because it wasnt a natural product unlike goose down that the body was not able to breath through it. i also tried it and although it was heavy i woke up in the middle of the night feeling cold but also sweaty. so either you buy a 4.5 tog and maybe you wont sweat but you'll get cold, or a 13 tog and you might not get cold but will definately sweat. it was nicely made and the cover seemed good quality and the filling felt soft. but if your body cant breathe through it then you'll end up with a layer of sweat on you. so after using it twice its back in the bag and i bought some cotton blankets which on the whole are a better buy.
5 stars Good quality products, quick and efficient service Written by
Bought a duvet, pillows, pillowcase and mattress encasement. All very good quality. Different feel to the previous feather bedding but very comfy and warm. The delivery time and service was very good. Thanks
5 stars Results are very positive Written by
I purchased the premium bedroom set and found straight away my coughing and other irritations almost disappeared so I am thankful to them for stocking these materials. It is early days but the initial results are very positive. It would be useful too if there were duvet covers and pillow covers with the same material.
5 stars Great quality, snuggly duvet Written by

I bought two of these - a double for my son and a single for my daughter. They were to replace their goose down ones whch I think were contributing to my son's night-time wheeze. I was concerned that they would not be very soft snd snuggly compared to down as my previous experience with hollow fibre type duvets has been they are stiff and don't mould around the body. I need not have worried, these duvets are lovely and soft and have a fluffed-up, cosy feel to them, the kids are very warm so no need for any extra blankets on the bed. I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants a new duvet regardless of whether they have allergies or not.

5 stars Excellent product and excellent service Written by

Quick service, product excellent. Would recommend

5 stars These products work best Written by

I've bought these products over the past few years, following the advice of my son's hospital respiratory team. I really wouldn't waste my time buying anything else as these work the best of all. The cheaper anti allergy might make it difficult for dust mites to live and feed-I've no idea what is in those products but they dont last as long nor work as well as the Allersafe products. My son is highly allergic to both types of housedust mite and experiences bad rhinitis when sleeping in any other type pf bedding in spite of claims of the bedding being anti allergy. Also his excema disappears when he uses Allersafe bedding. The only problem for me is cost as I live on a relatively low income, and as my son shares a room with his brother that means I have to double up on the quantities purchased.

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My daughter has allergies and sneezes a lot every morning so I'm considering investing in the package, however, I'm not sure what tog duvet to get. she only likes a light duvet but I'm worried the 4.5 tog will be too cold in winter. what would you recommend?

The purchase of a duvet is very much a personal preference.  If you believe the 4.5 tog would be too cold we would be inclined to recommend the 10.5 tog.

Alternatively you could also consider a Four Seasons Duvet offering you several different options:

How often should you wash the duvet?

It is recommended that you should wash your duvet at least once a month especially an Anti-Allergy Duvet.

What is the difference between the allersafe quilt and the fogarty quilt composition and how does that impact upon allergy suffers?

Thank you for your question:

The Allersafe Anti Allergy products are our own brand, the filling has been blended throughout with Amicor Pure Acrylic Fibre. This specially developed filling prevents the growth of dustmites within the duvet itself. The cassette construction ensures an even distribution of the filling and prevents cold spots developing.

The composition is:

Filling – 80% Hollowfibre, 20% Amicor Pure Acrylic Fibre

Cover - 100% Cotton

The fibres in the Fogarty Duvet have been specially treated with a product called Ultra Care which is completely safe and is also used on baby products.

The compostion is:

Casing Material: 100% Cotton
Filling Material: Polyester

Both these duvets have been treated to denature the food source for growth of dustmites and both products would be equally  effective.

Hi, May I know the dimensions of the King size of the duvet? Thank you!

I can confirm that the the measurements of the King Size Duvet are as follows:

230x220cm (90 inches x 86 inches approx)

Hi there, i have just bought one of these duvets - can i use a 'normal' duvet cover over it, or do i need to buy an anti-allergy one? I can't see any duvet covers on here. Many thanks Michael

We currently don't have an anti-allergy duvet cover on our website, what we normally suggest is that you can use your own duvet cover but in order to alleviate dust mite allergy symptoms, it is best practice to wash your duvet cover once a week at 60oC, which is the temperature that kills dust mites.  Check the care instructions on your current duvet cover to see if it is suitable for washing at 60oC.

An alternative would be to purchase an Allersafe Anti-Allergy Flat Sheet that would sit between you and your duvet cover, keeping contact with your duvet cover to a minimum.  This would also help to alleviate the symptoms of a dust mite allergy. Visit our Anti-Allergy Flat Sheet page for more info

Hello, just wanted to check the washing temperature of the duvet. It is recommended to wash bedding at 60degrees, but instructions for the duvet show 40. Will 40 be hot enough? Thank you.

It is recommended to wash normal bedding at 60 degrees to kill dustmites, but our Allersafe range of bedding has Amicor Pure woven into the fabric which denatures dustmites, so washing at 40 degrees is sufficient.

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