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Amicor Explained

Amicor Explained

Amicor Hypoallergenic Bedding from Allersafe

At last, really healthy bedding for people with allergies exclusively at Allersafe.

We are the first company to co-operatively research and develop Amicor Pure bed linen with the research department at Amicor, particularly in response to the needs of people with eczema. Currently we are the only company to sell bed linen containing Amicor Pure direct to consumers in the UK , a sign of our commitment and expertise.

In the UK , the number of children and adults of all ages developing these allergies is rising faster than ever before. 70% of these people have an allergy to the house dust mite.

We have researched many different types of anti-allergy products. Over the last couple of years we have found that there are many products that claim to be anti-allergen, but do not have the thorough research and lasting quality that we think is essential for you and your family.

We want to offer products that are effective, long-lasting and gentle, safe and soft. We want to offer products that offer good value and are easy for you to use at home. We have found the perfect solution for our bedding collection – a very clever fibre called Amicor Pure.

The Allersafe Collection contains an essential range of bedding products that we have designed for people with sensitivity to allergens. Our allergy bedding is designed to be preventative and protective. To soothe and to nurture your long term health.

At Allersafe, we turn Amicor Pure fibres into beautiful, soft and comforting dust mite proof bedding that is also healthy. We want you to feel the safest and cosiest possible.

Allersafe bedding is simple and high quality.

Preventing Allergens

The Facts

Amicor Pure is effective in two ways:

It Prevents Dust Mites

Dust mite droppings contain the allergen DER P1 which can create sensitivity and trigger an attack. This is what causes us to sneeze, feel wheezy and blocked up. Dust mites live inside pillows, quilts and the top layers of mattresses – this is where Amicor Pure will protect your bed. It makes sense to protect your whole bed.

It Prevents Skin-Irritating Bacteria

If you have eczema, the combination of dust mite allergen and a particular bacteria, (staphylococcus aureus), provides further irritation to sensitive skin. Amicor Pure prevents this irritating bacteria close to your skin.

Amicor Pure is an ‘intelligent fibre' with healthy additives held inside the fibre. This means that the purifying effect will continue to work for the lifetime of each product. An effect that lasts until you replace your bedding as normal.

For more information on Amicor Pure the fibre and the revolutionary research behind it, please go to

About Our Products

Allersafe quilts prevent the growth of dust mite allergens deep inside, not just on the surface. Amicor Pure fibre is blended inside the filling material and intimately woven into our bedlinen so all Allersafe products offer full protection. Amicor Pure gives products a lasting fresh quality, perfect for products that are not frequently washed.

If you have asthma, allergic rhinitis or sinusitis we recommend that you aim to protect your whole bed and use all three of these products. Unless you have a new mattress or an Amicor Pure mattress, we also recommend that you use a barrier to keep your Amicor Pure bedding free from existing dust mites.

Purifying Quilts

Surround yourself in our luxurious quilts. The anti allergy duvets are lightweight, cosy and gentle – exactly what you want when creating a healthy sanctuary at home. For peace of mind and really healthy relaxation.

In Real Life

Individuals with eczema have told the research department at Amicor that their Amicor Pure sheets have really helped to calm their condition and help them get to sleep at night. The additional comfort that Amicor Pure pillow cases and sheets offers, means that some customers take their bed linen with them everywhere. We hope that Allersafe's Calming Bed Linen is as effective for you.

Benefits: Prevent exposure to dust mite allergens and irritating bacteria. Our bed linen helps to keep your skin calmer through the night.

Legal Disclaimer:

Our research shows that individuals can develop allergies to a combination of materials and foods. It is impossible for us to be able to test for each individual combination, but we believe that Amicor Pure is gentle, safe and soft enough to recommend to people with eczema.

Please always follow the individual advice of your doctor or specialist.

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