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Case Studies

I would just like to record my appreciation of the way you dealt with a problem I raised with you regarding our disatisfaction of one item on an order. On the same day I contacted you online about our experience of the product - MicroOne matress encasement - I received a telephone call. As the item could not be returned, having been used, you offered to send me another product - the Terry Matress Protector at no charge. This has now been delivered and is fine. Thank you - very impressed with your service and the quality of the other items we have purchased and your response when I was not happy with the one items.

Roberta Mary Norris

Changing my bedding to Allersafe has made such a huge difference to my life. Having not slept properly for years, it’s nothing short of a miracle that I can get a full eight hours of sleep now. Plus, I’m sure it’s helping me to cope with my other allergies.

I have hypersensitive skin and a severe allergy to the house dust mite meaning I used to have to steam clean my entire bedroom at least twice a week - now thanks to Allersafe that only happens twice a month. Allersafe is gentle on my skin and easy to care for with proven long lasting anti-allergen quality - changing my bedding was the best thing I could have ever done for my health.

Sheila Bell

I just wanted to praise you on your fantastic service, my parcel arrived exactly when you said it would and everything was fine. My son and husband both suffer from dust mite allergy and I have tried other company's products to alleviate their suffering, none of them have been as successful as your products. My son now sleeps through the night without sneezing 20 times and having to use his inhaler all the time! Everything I've ordered from you has been such good quality.

Thank you. PS, I will be ordering more!

Mrs Aimee Mcleod

Thanks for making such great products! It must be very satisfying helping people with their allergies.

Andrew Norris

Allersafe's products are scientifically proven, and provide a complete sleep system to help prevent reactions to dust mite allergens. The Amicor Pure anti-bacerial and anti-fungal fibre used to make Allersafe bedding is a major breakthrough in tackling dust mites and related allergens, as it creates an environment that helps to elimate dustmites.

Professor Jean Emberlin, Director National Pollen and Aerobiology Research Unit, Institute of Health, University College Worcester

I have suffered with allergies all my life and in the past, my asthma and allergies have often hindered my performance. Since using Allersafe I have noticed a a clear improvement in my symptoms , especially in the morning, it used to take me around three hours for the sniffling and itching to clear but now it’s hardly even present. I just feel like I’m sleeping in a cleaner bed and my sleeping has improved greatly as I find it easier to breathe. The fact I have been sleeping more soundly means I have more energy to concentrate on my training throughout the day.

Tom James, Olympic Gold Medallist Rower, Athens 2004 and Cambridge Undergraduate