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Homedics HEPA Tower Air Purifier AR-29-GB

Homedics HEPA Tower Air Purifier AR-29-GB

Homedics HEPA Tower Air Purifier AR-29-GB
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Homedics HEPA Tower Air Purifier AR-29-GB

The HEPA tower air purifier from Homedics will keep the air at home clean and allergen free. HEPA Technology removes up to 99% of airborne particles and allergens including bacteria, viruses, dust mites, pollen, smoke, mould and pet allergens.

Whisper-quiet operation makes the Homedics AR-29-GB Air Purifier perfect for use in bedrooms to help allergy sufferers get to sleep and stay undisturbed through the night.

The Homedics AR29 air purifier features three air cleaning speeds and a programmable 12 hour timer allowing you to have control.


  • HEPA Technology removes up to 99% of airborne particles and allergens including bacteria, viruses, dust mites, pollen, smoke, mould and pet allergens
  • Room area purified: 85m²/hr (based on 2.5m room height)
  • UV-C light actively removes bacteria, mould, fungus and viruses from the air
  • Carbonized pre-filter removes odours
  • Whisper-quiet motorised oscillation
  • Carbonized pre-filter removes odours
  • ECARF seal of approval
  • Three air cleaning speeds
  • Programmable 12 hour timer
  • LED backlit controls
  • Remote control
  • Cleanable filter
  • Electronic filter check and UV replacement monitors
  • Product dimensions: 18 x 25 x 71cm
  • Mains powered
  • Guarantee: 3 year guarantee included
5 Average Rating 5/5 (10 reviews)
5 stars Very Good Product Written by

This product does leave the air feeling very clear and fresh. I got it as we recently got a pet kitten so just wanted some extra protection against airborne allergens. It is quiet enough to use in living room cannot be heard when TV on. Excellent service, delivery and price from Allersafe.

5 stars Home medics air purifier Written by

Arrived in good time, pleased with the look of it and have only been running this for just over a week now! It’s made loads of difference to the condition of the air, much fresher and nicer! Had many bugs this winter, so hoping UV filter helped kill those nasty airborne bugs. Very pleased with this!

5 stars Quiet Written by
Delivered next day and within a couple of hours of receiving & plugging it in, I could tell the difference in the air quality. It is winter, so I am using the lowest setting with ocillation switched off at the moment as it blows cooler clean air out. I would describe the noise level as similar to having a computer turned on at the back of the room. When it's back in stock I will def be buying a second one.
5 stars A great product Written by

I bought this because I live next to a main road in a polluted area with smoke coming in all the time. There was always a sooty, smokey smell and sulfer in the living room all the time. After using this for a few hours it is much fresher. After a few days of use I can breath easier and not feel like I'm being choked. My throat has stopped closing up. I'm not actually an allergy or asthma sufferer but the air was horrendously bad that it affected me as a healthy person. I usually had to air the place out in the middle of the night when the traffic is low and people's fires and burners were off. But this product has helped enormously in the day. I hope it will keep up being as efficient in the future.

5 stars Excellent Written by

Bought this for son who has eczema exacerbated by allergies. Wonderful product, with great functions, feel it working within minutes of switching on. Air feels clean and pure. Excellent value for mobey as same product almost £50 more expensive at Currys. Delivered on time within a given hour slot. Excellent service from Allersafe.

5 stars Benefits using Homedics HEPA Air Purifier AR-29-GB Written by

Having been diagnosed with Bronchiectasis I have been seeking ways to lessen the symptoms especially at night. Since using the Air Purifier the crackling in my lungs has reduced and I am sleeping much better. I would highly recommend its benefits.

5 stars Clean fresh air at last Written by

I bought this item to help will allergies in the home and to have a fresh clean environment to retreat to, works brilliantly, very efficient at cleaning the air, was amazed at the speed in which the air was cleaned even just on low setting

5 stars Excellent Product - It Really Works! Written by

I bought one of these having been diagnosed with perennial allergic rhinitis, from a severe house dust mite allergy, by Professor Stephen Durham, clinical lead for allergy services at the Royal Brompton Hospital. The resulting 4 years of immunotherapy treatment unfortunately didn't work for me. The hospital suggested trying products carrying the British Allergy Foundation Seal of Approval, a green leaf, which this air purifier does. I set mine going next to my desk, and after about 20 mins my 'normal' nasal congestion started to clear, painful soreness and irritation at the back of the nose vanished, my breathing was easier and I felt more relaxed. There have been many false dawns, and many unpleasant reactions to various anti-histamines, so I kept quiet in case this was just a coincidence. A week later I can confidently say that this was no coincidence and that this air purifier definitely does the job. The headaches have gone, along with the accompanying bad moods, tiredness and congested chest. I run a couple of times a week and breathing whilst running is also noticeably easier. It's as if my respiratory system has had a deep clean! I certainly feel more relaxed, and can work at my desk without having to take frequent fresh air breaks. No surprise then that I ordered another unit from Allersafe which arrived yesterday. In short, and I realise it's still early days, the results have been breathtaking (or should I say breath-giving)! Breathed air now feels cool and refreshing, presumably due to reduced inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, and life is now looking a whole lot better...It's a fact that most GPs, let alone employers, don't understand how debilitating and disabling allergies can be so if you suffer too I highly recommend that you order one of these units now - I only wish I had five years ago! Excellent product and service Allersafe - delighted! I will be looking for a smaller, portable model to use when visiting relatives, and one for the car - if there is such a 12v version available.

5 stars Excellent product Written by

Works well at keeping conservatory clear and free of some etc and we are very pleased with it. Please note that the uv light has been stopped on these models by Homedics and they really should change the details at least the customer service lady at Allersafe took the trouble to explain this unlike the customer service lady at Homedics who was extremely rude and unhelpful

4 stars Good Product Written by

I ordered this air purifier initially for my mother, she has chronic asthma and i thought this would be a really good purchase to help her with her condition sadly though after id made the purchase i seen in the small print that it could not be used when oxygen was in use. My mother is on home oxygen so it means i cant use it for her which was the original reason i bought it. I however have been using it in different rooms in the house and have found it fine and useful.I would though state more obviously when promoting such a product as this thats its not suitable when someone is using oxygen.

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does this unit also have a fan or air cooling facility?

The HEPA tower air purifier from Homedics will keep the air at home clean and allergen free. HEPA Technology removes up to 99% of airborne particles and allergens including bacteria, viruses, dust mites, pollen, smoke, mould and pet allergens.

It does not offer a fan or air cooling facility.

Is the product work like a extractor for smoke when cooking in the kitchen?

We would not recommend that this machine would be solely used as an extractor for smoke as it is not created for that intensity.

These products below are more geared towards what you are looking for:

Can you self clean this product at home? If so, how can you do this?

The filter contained in the Air Purifier can be hoovered and cleaned as required.

What's the difference in from ar29gb and ar29agb

I am not sure where you have seen the ar29agb, we do not sell the ar29agb and it is not listed on the Homedics site, would you be able to send me a link?

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