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At Allersafe we'd love you to share your allergy stories, top tips and solutions that you've found work for you, with our online community

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Five reasons why your terry pillow encasement is your perfect travel partnerFive reasons why your terry pillow encasement is your perfect travel partner

When someone at home has an allergy, we do everything we can to protect them, and make their lives as easy as possible, right?

Travelling with an allergy can be a struggle, being subjected to the unfamiliar and never knowing where you might find yourself. Questions begin to circle round your mind.

Where the pillow has been, who was sleeping on it last? Is it new or filled with dustmites not to mention other bacteria?

A Terry Pillow Encasement could be your life saver when it comes to travelling and summer holidays this year.

Here’s five reasons we love the Terry Pillow Encasement and why you should too!

1. It’s made with Breathe-a-Barrier technology which has a water resistant property stopping unwelcome mould.

2. It’s extremely secure zipper lock gives you peace of mind through the night, making sure you’ll have no unwanted visitors in the night.

3. The pillow encasement has a wonderful luxurious feel to it

4. It’s machine washable and it’s small which means you can always squeeze it into your luggage

5. And Lastly at only £11.99 it’s a great price!

View our Allersafe Anti Allergy Pillow Encasement Terry Essential

For more tips and tricks on travelling with allergies visit our blog

Night Night by Allersafe Baby Bedding Range

We all acknowledge that a growing number of children are suffering from asthma and allergies. It is estimated that 1 in 3 children suffer from an allergy. The reasons for this significant amount are thought to be complex and it will be some time before scientists know all of the answers. However, we all know that asthma is a response to an irritant (trigger) that we are sensitive too. We also know that one of the major irritants within the home is the dust mite allergen. So, how does a child become sensitive to the dust mite allergen?

Sensitisation to an irritant is normally caused by exposure to a certain concentration of the irritant over a period of time. In the case of the dust mite allergen we know that the critical concentration is 10 micrograms/g of household dust. If a baby/young child is therefore exposed to this concentration of dust mite allergen for a period of time then there is a risk that they will become sensitive to that allergen. An asthma attack can then be triggered by exposure to a much lower concentration of the allergen, 2 micrograms/g in fact.

In view of this significant increase in childhood asthma, Allersafe took the decision to introduce a new range of baby bedding that would help to protect baby from breathing this critical concentration of allergen. Like all Allersafe bedding, the baby bedding products will significantly reduce the amount of allergen allowed to develop in the bedding itself. Used as part of an allergen reduction programme within the home, the Night Night range helps to reduce the risk of sensitisation.

The Night Night range is therefore designed to help reduce the risk of sensitisation rather than to help reduce the risk of an allergic response. So, give your child the best possible start in life, give them the gift of the Night Night by Allersafe bedding.