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Polti Vaporetto Pocket Steam Cleaner
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Polti Vaporetto Pocket Steam Cleaner

Polti Pocket Steam Cleaner
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Polti Vaporetto Pocket Steam Cleaner

The Pocket is part of Polti’s specially developed Vaporetto steam cleaner range. This range of innovative steam cleaners offer you a product that can clean your whole house and fight dustmites with the power of steam alone. This ecological appliance allows you to avoid the use of chemical cleaning products saving you money and helping you protect the environment.

The Polti Vaporetto Pocket can also save you a significant amount of time on your weekly cleaning schedule. Use it regularly and after just a few weeks you’ll find your home to be cleaner and healthier.

The Pocket has a 3 bar steam pressure release and provides you with a steam emission speed 80g/min. When water is transformed into steam at a high temperature with pressure it is capable of detaching and dissolving dirt, eliminating bacteria and dust mites. The residual dirt and grease can then be wiped away with the cloth supplied.

The Polti Vaporetto Pocket can be used for:

  • Cleaning Sofas, Mattresses, Curtains & Stains
  • Cleaning Carpets & Rugs
  • Cleaning Floors & Tiles
  • Cleaning Glass & Mirrors
  • Cleaning Furniture
  • Cleaning Plants
  • Removing Kitchen Grease
  • Cleaning Bathroom Fixtures & Remove Lime Scale
  • Cleaning Cars & Garden Furniture

The Pocket offers a deep clean in any room of your home. Its endless uses are aided with its range of accommodating accessories.

The Pocket has a 1500w boiler power with a 0.75L user tank capacity. Polti’s patented safety cap prevents the opening of the boiler as long as there is any pressure remaining inside.

Polti benefits from thirty years’ experience and specific knowledge in the production of home appliances using steam. Polti’s quality products are made in Italy, each product is carefully designed, manufactured and tested before leaving the factory.

Dimensions: (W) 23 x (D) 15 x (H) 21 cm

Weight: 3,9kg

We recommend that you read the instructions carefully before use.

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The Polti Vaporetto Pocket includes:

Steam Gun

Can be used:

  • To break down stains before they are treated with the large brush.
  • To clean hard-to-reach corners, such as stairs, window sills, door posts.
  • To clean window shutters, heaters, car interiors.
  • To spray plants (from a distance).

Floor Brush

Can be used to clean floors and all large surfaces.

Small Brush

Can be used for:

  • Textiles (after testing on a hidden part)
  • Velvet and leather (at a distance)
  • Car seats and interiors, dirty windscreen
  • Small glass windows
  • Tiles and other small surfaces


Should be connected to the small brush to clean windows.

Lance with Concentrator

The adaptor enables the connection of the steam lance to the hoses or to the handle directly in order to obtain a concentrated jet of steam.

Set of 2 Small Brushes

Can be used to remove caked dirt from narrow surfaces such as cooker burners, roller shutters, joints between tiles, sanitary fixtures, etc. Choose the most suitable brush depending on the size of the surface to be cleaned.

Extension Hoses

Can be used to reach higher points.

Cloth and Sockette

Can be used to collect the dirt melted by steam.

Jug and Funnel

For a quick refill of the boiler.

Shoulder Belt

The convenient shoulder belt allows an easy transport during cleaning operations.

The effectiveness of Polti steam against dustmites has been severely tested in multiple scientific studies.

Cambridge University

Cambridge University found that Polti steam eliminates 97% of dust mites from carpets or mattresses and cuts allergens by 87%.

Lyons Dermatological Hospital

Lyons Dermatological Hospital has demonstrated that Polti steam radically destroys scabies mites, one of the most resistant varieties, in only 5 seconds.

The British Allergy Foundation

The British Allergy Foundation awarded the Vaporetto range its "Seal of Approval’’ for effectiveness in eliminating mites.

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4 stars Avis Bargery Written by

I have only used it once and it seemed satisfactory

4 stars Lightweight Written by

The Polti pocket steam cleaner is easy to use, very versatile and light. It good value for money.

5 stars Polti Vaporetto Written by

Good value for money. Has worked very well so far. Steam cleaning shifts dirt and grime that ordinary cleaning might not. The Polti Vaporetto is small, compact and easy to carry around the house.

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Would a 90 yr old with arthritic hands be able to use this safely, especially when removing any tops

The Polti Pocket  is small, compact and easy to carry around the house.  It comes complete with a convenient shoulder belt.  It weighs approximately 3.9kg.

Dimensions are approximately: (W) 23 x (D) 15 x (H) 21 cm

It would depend on how severe the arthritus is as the steam is produced by pulling the trigger on the steam gun.

It also has a safety valve  which prevents the appliance from opening accidentally until minimum pressure is reached inside the boiler. This would need to be unscrewed when refilling the boiler.


Can you use the Polti pocket steam cleaner on the carpet. If yes, which attachment should be used. thanks

I can confirm you can use the Polti Pocket Steam cleaner on the carpet. You should use two attachments. Firstly the steam gun attachment can be used to break down any stains and secondly the large brush attachment should be used to finish steam cleaning. Always do a patch test on an area of carpet first beforehand.

If I use that product on a matress would it not make it wet and hence prone to more dust mites?

The steam produced by the Vaporetto’s boiler is dry steam under high pressure. In contact with surfaces it does not condense, but dries immediately, leaving surfaces clean and dry.

When using on delicate surfaces Polti recommend:

If the Vaporetto has steam control, set pressure to the minimum.

If it does not have steam control stay far away from the surface (so that pressure decreases) or use the cloth, folding it over if necessary.

On particularly delicate surfaces, avoid direct contact with steam. Spray the cloth and then wipe.

can i use it on my mattrres which tool do i use and also on a dralon three seater settee

It is recommended that you carry out a patch test  on your mattress before use.  The small brush and terry towelling sock accessories are the ideal tools to use on your mattress and it is recommended that you use the Pocket Steam Cleaner on its lowest setting.  It is recommended that you carry out a patch test on your settee before using the Pocket Steam Cleaner.

Can you tell me if this is safe to be used on laminate flooring?


Laminate flooring should be ok provided the floor has been sealed tightly. We would however advise that you are careful not to over heat the surface. Polti also recommend that you put a clean, dry cloth under the brush when cleaning floors.

I hope this information has been helpful. Should i be of any furhter assistance please do not hesitate to contact me.



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