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The Benefits of Bamboo Bedding

The Benefits of Bamboo Bedding

 All you need to know about bamboo bedding

 Did you know that bamboo is naturally…

  • Resistant to dust mites, mildew, mould and moisture
  • Temperature regulating
  • Eco-friendly
  • Eczema friendly
  • Durable
  • Biodegradable
  • Kind to skin and hair

Bamboo Bedding

How is bamboo naturally resistant to dust mites, mould and mildew?

Bamboo bedding is naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial. Bamboo bed sheets also minimize allergies by reducing the amount of moisture in your bed which discourages one of the primary triggers of allergies, dust mites, from living in your bed.

Dust mites love to make their homes in synthetic and down materials as they retain moisture and provide a better living habitat, making the dry environment of Bamboo uninhabitable. Allergy sufferers often experience restless sleep due to the irritating symptoms caused by dust mites, but by investing in bamboo bedding products, these triggers are minimised and sufferers can enjoy the full night of deep, undisturbed sleep they deserve.

Natural Bamboo Bed Linen by Between the Sheets

Between The Sheets Bamboo Mattress Protector

Why is bamboo bedlinen beneficial for my eczema/irritated skin?

Bamboo is four times more absorbent than cotton, it keeps skin cool and dry by quickly wicking away moisture from the skin helping you to retain a natural body temperature. It is also mould and mildew resistant which is a common trigger for eczema flare ups.

It helps relieve irritated skin as it remains cool to the touch even in warm climates, bringing comfort and relief. Bamboo fibres are also significantly smoother than cotton, the material used in traditional bedding. As a result there are fewer rough edges for your skin to catch on and rub against whilst you sleep. It is naturally hypoallergenic, mild and gentle as unlike many other materials Bamboo is not treated with pesticides or fungicides. It does not hold onto odour either which can provide relief from common irritants such as fragrances or perfumes.

Bamboo is also naturally anti-bacterial and has a unique antimicrobial agent called bamboo-kun[1] that naturally kills bacteria and other microbes. Less bacteria prevents irritated or eczema prone skin from becoming infected[2].

How does bamboo regulate my sleeping temperature?

Bamboo bedding does not trap excess heat under the covers, working with your body to keep you at the perfect temperature all night long. Bamboo wicks away heat and moisture from you twice as fast as cotton reducing the humidity in your bed by an impressive 50%!

Unlike traditional cotton rather than becoming trapped, bamboo sheets pull the moisture away from you into the fibres of your bedding. This moisture rises to the surface of your organic bedding and evaporates, cooling you off exactly the same way your body does when you sweat.

By working together with your body, bamboo bedding is able to keep you at the ideal temperature all night long[3].

Natural Bamboo Duvet from Between the Sheets                 Natural Bamboo Bed Sheets By Between the Sheets

Between the Sheets Bamboo Duvet                                                        Between the Sheets Bamboo Fitted Sheet


How is bamboo eco-friendly and biodegradable?

Bamboo is organically grown, requiring no chemicals and very little water unlike cotton which can use extensive irrigation and chemicals to produce. Bamboo is by far the greener option, with growing Bamboo grass absorbing more CO2 and producing 35% more oxygen than an equivalent area of trees.

It is a fully sustainable crop with the yield from an acre of bamboo being 10 times greater than that you would get from cotton. It is in fact a very fast growing grass and can be harvested every 3 or 4 years and then renews itself without needing to be replanted. Bamboo uses far less water in cultivation than cotton, relying mostly on natural rainfall.

Bamboo is 100% natural and biodegradable. Pesticides and fungicides are not used in the growing of the plant as it is seldom eaten by insects or infected by pathogens making it the ideal product for those who have sensitive skin, are chemical conscious and want to ensure that after their use there will be limited environmental impact[4].

How is bamboo beneficial to your complexion?

Bamboo is an exceptionally clean fabric. It has a phenomenal wicking ability that helps your sweat and oils evaporate quickly preventing these oils from being rubbed back onto your skin. This helps ensure your pores remain clear.

Bamboo is also naturally anti-bacterial and has a unique antimicrobial agent called bamboo-kun[5] that naturally kills bacteria and other microbes. Less bacteria helps skin that is prone to acne as it is less likely to become infected.

Bamboo can also help prevent hair breakage as it is an incredibly smooth fabric. Bamboo fibres are significantly smoother than cotton, the material used in traditional bedding. As a result there are fewer rough edges for your hair to catch on and break against whilst you sleep.

Bamboo Pillowcase Natural Bedding by Between the Sheets

Between the Sheets Bamboo Pillowcase

How is bamboo different from conventional bedding?

Bamboo textiles are made of Moso Bamboo, Ci and Dragon Bamboo– not the type that Pandas eat. Most conventional bedding is made from cotton which is an extremely absorbent material. Bamboo is unabsorbent which means they don’t absorb the oils from your skin meaning they won’t turn yellow or grey over time like traditional bed sheets and will keep their silky shine for years to come.

Bamboo bed sheets are also more durable than traditional sheets. Bamboo is stretched across the entire length of the sheet, rather than short fibres being interwoven together. This means bamboo bed sheets are less likely to tear than traditional cotton bed sheets[6].

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